From liberal arts educational services like tutoring and after school programs to K-12, Bachelors and Masters programs, CCIS's past, present and future is focused first and foremost on education. Our present work is focused on bringing  liberal arts research opportunities to university students through venues like the UBC Urban Studies Lab and cultivating the foundations (networks, physical properties, staff, etc.) to establish our K-12, Bachelors and Masters programs in the coming years. CCIS programs will be nomadic and rigorous; students will spend time woking with world renowned experts at our many global centers, acquiring the forms of experiential knowledge that are absolutely essential in the classroom but which cannot always be cultivated therein, while working with their advisor and professors at the different centers to tailor our academically rigorous program with their own creative interests. Consciousness is birthed into humanity as potential; it is our duty to actualize this potential, and without conscious effort in this direction no span of temporality will suffice.


“It is not only new facts and facilities that we need but ideas and the stimulation of new meanings.”

-Maurice Nicoll